Slow Dre (Kylie Minogue and Dr Dre mashup)

UK-based alt-J has quickly risen the blogosphere ladder and become one of my new favorites. I was hooked on on “Tesselate” when I heard it back in June, and always look forward to their new releases. “Something Good,” “Fitzpleasure,” and now “Slow Dre.” These guys can’t go wrong!

In case you’re a Mac user, open up some word processing program and hit alt-j. This will explain their name. Nay, not a name really. This band decided to be a symbol instead of a name. For all of you Windows users out there (myself included), you may be wondering what symbol. Listen to “Tesselate” and listen for their favorite shape… this will be your answer. (It’s a triangle, for all of you lazy people out there.) Anyways, listen to this new one by ∆.

In honor of Halloween, I’m providing you with three treats, so no tricks please.

alt-J - Slow Dre (Kylie Minogue and Dr Dre mashup)

alt-J - Fitzpleasure

alt-J - Tesselate

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